Terumichi Madoka
Known aliases Enkidu
Dr. Madoka
Sensei (by Gilgamesh members)
Original name 円 輝道
Romanization Madoka Terumichi
Gender Male
Affiliations Heaven's Gate (former)
Relatives Tatsuya Madoka (son)
Kiyoko Madoka (daughter)
Anime Debut Les Préludes
Japanese voice Daisuke Namikawa
English voice Blake Shepard
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Dr. Terumichi Madoka, mostly and infamously known as the terrorist Enkidu (エンキドゥ), is the man who discovered the Tomb of Gilgamesh and unleashed the power of Tear over Earth.

He commands the Gilgamesh organization.

Etymology Edit

The kanji for Terumichi's name can be interpreted as "brilliant/lustrous path/method". In on'yomi reading, which imitates the Chinese pronunciation, his name can be spelled as えん-き-どう (en-ki-dō), one of the supposed reasons for his nickname.

  • 輝: brightness, lustre, brilliance
  • 道: path, road, street, method, way, say

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